Saturday, December 04, 2004

A Neat Manga Research Resource, and more

Greetings from the National Reading Conference in San Antonio. Part of the reason for our silence in this space recently is due to the fact that we had to get our paper together for the conference. This accounted for two weeks of two lives, and it is still no more than a draft. Called "From Pencilvania to Pixelandia: Mapping the Terrain of 'New' Literacies Research", the document currently exists as an unedited 40 page 'resource'that we somehow managed to speak to for the best part of an hour. As soon as we have edited it into a respectable form we will put it on our website.

Meanwhile, in the course of researching the paper we came upon this really useful manga research site. It helped us a lot.

Our talk also owed a massive amount to the generosity of Angela Thomas, who gave us a free hand to cite her current study and some of the data coming from it. We used a lengthy slab of transcript from an interview Angela conducted with one of her teenage study participants (who was Violetta *grin* for the duration of that interview). We also cited Angela's account of some of her data collection and data analysis techniques. The interview transcript excerpt and the study description that we cited were wonderfully well received. Than you, Violetta and Angela. For any readers not familiar with Angela's study and her wonderful participants we suggest you check out e-selves. We will be publishing Angela's book about this study during 2005 in our New Literacies series with Peter Lang Publishing, and are looking forward greatly to seeing the completed mss very soon, Angela *grin*.

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