Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Meanwhile, on the ground .....

A quick web search has revealed this free airport wireless internet hotspot information site together with a site for Continental Airlines President's Club locations in the USA and in other countries. The former site requests ongoing feedback on the accuracy of its listings. With respect to the latter site, while, as of yet, I can only vouch for the accuracy of the Houston Bush International Airport hotspot, I think it is particularly worthwhile checking the President's Club sites out to see if the signals go through the walls as well in other places as they do at Houston. As of last week there was no password requirement for accessing the Continental service at Houston.

Is is bandwidth theft?
Will we get chucked out of airports?
If it does my guess is that in Houston at least a high proportion of the people ejected on grounds of bandwidth theft will be pilots. The last few times I have found hotspots it has amused me seeing cabin crew making good use of the facilities before going to their gates. Could be in for some chaos ahead -- grin.
I quite like the idea of walking round trying to 'tune in' all over the place.
It is a realy good idea to have the web sites you have identified letting us know where these are.
Hopefully in a few years it will be possible to link up nearly everywhere. (Obviously not EVERYWHERE as that would be fanatical, clearly.)
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