Monday, November 01, 2004

Latest internet use statistics

Neilsen/NetRatings have released internet user figures for September, 2004, for twelve focus countries (mostly European coountries, plus Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the US). Although there has been an overall increase of 1.3 percent in the number of people actively using the internet, some countries actually reported a reduction in the number of active internet users, which is pretty interesting.

I think these figures are really interesting but wonder how the research was done. I looked on the Neilsen site and could not find anything which gave me where the figures come from.
I wondered also how meaningful the figures are on a monthly basis. It may be more reliable to understand trends from a broader date perspective. The figures for France went up a lot - is this to do with return to school?
I went and searched the Neilsen/NetRatings website and all I could find on their data collecction methods was that they used a 'patented survey method'--but that's about all they say (and nothing at all about how participants were selected). You're right in that monthly figures are limited on their own, but looking across them for a year or so is interesting and useful. What strikes me as particularly interesting is why and how they choose only 12 countries.....
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