Saturday, November 06, 2004

him name is hopkin green frog

This just in via BoingBoing--a meme in the making. A young child's 'lost pet' announcement is found on a city street and captures the imagination of photoshoppers, who give it their own spin--picking up on the language and images of the text and transposing them into adult-like textual and social settings (without actually changing the language etc.).

These kinds of multimedia memes really can take on a life of their own and are fascinating to follow. What is it about particular texts that captures the popular imagination and sees people spending hours putting together photo montages, spoofing established genres, and ultimately, paying tribute to the everyday?

Other multimedia memes that I've found particularly intriguing include:

  • All your base are belong to us (probably the most famous of them all)

  • Tourist guy

  • The Star Wars Kid

  • What are some of your favourite multimedia memes?

    I really love that 'All your base' site.
    Just my kind of humour.
    I can laugh at the same joke over and over again.
    I think it is incredible the way this happens in societies; Technology does facilitate the proliferation of 'in jokes' in new ways and modes, but the spread of jokes across society has always been incredibly prolific. (Such as current political jokes etc.)
    They are unifying but also exclusive. Maybe memes are enjoyable as they pander to our outsider/insider mentality. We like to be on the inside, to understand. If we can then add a new twist this shows our creativity too. And so the humour is kinda smug.
    So, I guess I am of the smug set.
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