Friday, October 29, 2004

RL and LJ worlds collide...

A blogger, Anniesj, reports how a satirical commentary on the current US president in her LiveJournal (LJ) blog brought the Secret Service knocking at her door. Amazing. Just amazing what gets construed as a threat to national security. You'd think the SS would be more worried about helping find, oh, I don't know, say, 380 tons of missing explosives....

Annie writes:

A couple of weeks ago, following the last presidential debate, I said some rather inflammatory things about George W. Bush in a public post in my LJ, done in a satirical style. We laughed, we ranted, we all said some things. I thought it was a fairly harmless (and rather obvious) attempt at humor in the face of annoyance, and while a couple of people were offended, as is typical behavior from me, I saw something shiny and forgot about it, thinking that the whole thing was over and done and nothing else would come of what I said.

I was wrong.

At 9:45 last night, the Secret Service showed up on my mother's front door to talk to me about what I said about the President, as what I said could apparently be misconstrued as a threat to his life. After about ten minutes of talking to me and my family, they quickly came to the conclusion that I was not a threat to national security (mostly because we are the least threatening people in the entire world) and told me that they would not recommend that any further action be taken with my case. However, I do now have a file with the FBI that includes my photograph, my e-mail address, and the location of my LJ. This will follow me around for the rest of my life, regardless of the fact that the Secret Service knows that I am not a threat.

Amazing stuff I agree.
We never know how our blogs will be read ... and this may be an opportune moment to say you mistook me for Julie Hooper.
Sadly I am not she but was flattered that you thought I was.
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