Saturday, October 30, 2004

iPod goes graphical

Apple's iPod just keeps getting better and better! Colin has been experimenting recently with a voice recording peripheral released for the iPod and is really pleased with the results. The iPod extended-life battery and large storage cache means he can record hours of talk at a time (compared with our other purpose-built digital voice recorder which hold an hour of talk at best). Now Apple has announced their latest iPod--which stores and displays your digital photos in full colour! And just in time for Christmas, too! But I'm going to hold off on getting this model (Colin and I have just acquired new 40gig iPods which are just lovely!)--because what I really, really want is an iPod that interfaces directly with my mobile phone and digital camera so that I can download and store multiple image and sound files in the field. I see the iPod emerging as a key must-have qualitative researcher data collection, storage and management tool.

and they are sooo sexy too! Oh, but have you seen the other latest corporate hook-up? the 'U2 Ipod'?
Laughing here--well that certainly opens up a whole new marketing field I never even dreamed of!! Smart folk at Apple. And I just saw an ad on telly today showcasing the new BMW that comes with built-in stereo adaptions for hooking up your i-Pod(s).
i am waiting for two versions. One is a Donna's iPod. The other is one that comes with a camera (which would become a truly brilliant research tool). The best one for my needs would combine both.
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