Saturday, October 09, 2004

Documenting the first decade of web design

This is an interesting collaborative timeline project that asks netizens to post brief descriptions of their first encounters with or memories of a range of internet-related expereinces (e.g., first online experience, first experience with HTML coding, first expereince with graphical interface internet browsers, etc.). One particularly ncioe feature of this database is that it's multilingual.

Here's what the promoters of the project have to say about it:

Open History Timeline is an 'open research' website/database into the first
decade of web design. The online forum is a visual and textual timeline
generated out of a self-customizable questionnaire. Using a custom content
management system the site will allows:

  • Users to add images, comments and links, making a collective history of
    webdesign as it developed. Such elements might include histories of their
    own first homepage; the first use of a technology; original html code;
    reminiscences of key designers, innovators, critics and technologists.

  • Using a question-based interface users can write their own questions and
    respond to those of others. All questions entered are available, ensuring
    that no one set of views or way of writing predominates.

  • Multi-lingual use.

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