Thursday, June 24, 2004


A 2003 article by Jane Pinckard and Justin Hall in The Feature reminds us that the "old" technology of personal homepages may well be undergoing interesting transformatrions as personal webpages, blogs and i-mode converge to create "i-home" websites. These websites can be read and updated via i-mode equipped mobile phones. Pinckard and Hall argue convincingly that,

"Historically new mobile technologies have been marketed to businesses, but i-mode homepages prove that people want to create and not just consume mobile culture."

The i-home pages created by users tend to be mroe diary or blog-like than traditional personal websites, but are nonetheless maintain the idiosyncracies often found on personal homepages during the hey-day of the online homestead rush (e.g., "my website about my guinea pigs", "Steve and Tania's Wedding").

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