Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Revised, revamped and expanded fulltext archive

We've had an online archive of sorts for some time now, where we post fulltext bits and pieces of our work (e.g., conference papers, articles, chapters and other manuscripts). We'll be the first to admit, however, that it has languished in the past few years like that almost-empty jar of mayonnaise in the bottom of the fridge that you never quite getting around to doing anything with.... But that all changed this week when we revisited the site and gave it a good clean-up and updating. We've maintained the deliberately stripped-back look and function of the original site (although the late 1990s templates offered by Yahoo's SiteBuilder service had to be seen to be believed!), and earlier texts still appear as webpages. More recent texts are available as pdfs or Word docs. Here's the site: You'll find fulltext items under "Publications".

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