Friday, June 16, 2006

Speaking of weapons of mass destruction...

Tinselman has posted fascinating images from a museum of landscape models that capture the devastation of the U.S.'s nuclear attack on Hiroshima. The models are small in scale but enormous in terms of proportion and impact (via BoingBoing).

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Plug for Our Lang Series

One of the things we do in our spare time is edit a small book series for Peter Lang Publishers. The series is called "New Literacies and Digital Epistemologies".

To date the series has published 10 books. Five more are currently in process. The list is as follows:

Joanne Larson (ed), Literacy as Snake Oil: Beyond the Quick Fix

Jabari Mahiri (ed), What They Don’t Learn in School: Literacy in the Lives of Urban Youth

Carey Jewitt and Gunther Kress (eds), Multimodal Literacy

Donna Alvermann (ed), Adolescents and Literacies in a Digital World

Michael Singh, Peter Kell and Ambigapathy Pandian, Appropriating English: Innovation in the Global Business of English Language Teaching

Caroline Taylor, Court Licensed Abuse: Patriarchal Lore and the Legal Response to Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse of Children

Kevin Leander and Margaret Sheehy (eds), Spatializing Literacy Research and Practice

Lesley Farrell, Making Knowledge Common: Literacy and Knowledge at Work
Juha Suoranta and Hanna Leitamäki, Children in the Information Society: The Case of Finland

Amy Scholder and Eric Zimmerman (eds), Re:Play: Game Design and Game Culture

Other titles currently in process include:

Angela Thomas, e-selves | e-literacies | e-worlds: Children’s Identities and Literacies in Virtual Communities

Janne Seppänen, The Power of the Gaze (in press)

Rebecca Black, Adolescents and Online Fanfiction

Suzanne de Castell and Jennifer Jenson (eds), Worlds in Play (in press)

Marc Smith and Lalitha Vasudevan (eds), Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility

Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear (eds), A New Literacies Sampler

The series takes a broad approach to new literacies, although the emphasis is on matters digital. We are always on the look out for publishable work. If you have a project in mind please write us and we'll send you a sample prospectus.

Email: or

Better for Beta #3

We've just arrived back in Mexico for a couple of weeks ahead of the summer teaching stint up in Newfoundland. The past month is pretty much a blur. We've blogged part of that blur on Joypix.

Meanwhile, here is the file for the draft of Chapter 4 of the new edition of New Literacies. The book is now formally into the production phase, with copy editing under way.

On another tack altogether, it is great to be back in Mexico. The World Cup is going out free to air on TV, so during certain times of the day the streets are strangely quiet.

This time round I am taking quite an interest in proceedings. This has to do with my favourite beer having won the auction to be the official beer of this great event. It was a sight for sore eyes walking into the super yesterday and seeing special edition Bud stacked floor to ceiling, while the 50 inch TV was pumping out the action between Germany and Poland.

There weren't many people in the super at the time either.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Working on Prince Edward Island

Today is workshopping day on beautiful Prince Edward Island. We are working with twenty teachers on aspects of the boys and literacy issue. Class is going well and the learners are all on task.

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