Friday, October 31, 2003

New Literacies: Changing Knowledge and Classroom Learning

Just a small plug for our own book about New Literacies. The book has been around for a few months now and we would, of course, welcome feedback from anyone who may have read it and would like to give us some feedback. It is published by Open University Press (and easily located at, as will be our forthcoming book (currently in press) called A Handbook of Teacher Research. Producing the final draft of the Handbook is the (poor) excuse we offer for having been so laggedly over the past 3 months in maintaining our blog. That, together with Michele's move to work at Montclair State University, and my own temporary relocation for 10 weeks to the University of Ballarat in Australia, has exhausted our collective time and energies. However, we look forward to being back on the wire on a regular basis from here on in.

Postgrad Literacies Blog at Vanderbilt

Kevin Leander and his students have established several weblogs on the theme of New Literacies New Literacies Blog as part of their collaborative teaching and learning activities at Vanderbilt. Kevin has invited us to encourage anyone who would like to visit the blogs to do so. Comments are especially welcome.

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